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RALASTOCEM is a specially formulated latex and resin based tile adhesive additive. When mixed with RABOND FLEX/PLUS it vastly improves elasticity and adhesion. It’s bonding strength is perfect for large granite and marble slabs, exterior tiles that are subject to expansion, swimming pools, underfloor heating screeds and many other applications.


The amount of RALASTOCEM added to the adhesive depends upon the degree of adhesion and flexibilty needed. RALASTOCEM can be added neat or in a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 ratio. The ratio should never exceed 1:3. If you have any questions on this product please consult our technical department. RALASTOCEM should always be mechanically mixed until a lump free consistency is achieved. Allow the adhesive to stand for five minutes and mix again before use.

Elastic Latex For Adhesives

Packaging & Storage

RALASTOCEM is supplied in 5L plastic containers and can be stored up to 6 months from date of production in a cool dry place, in its original unopened packaging

Safety Notice

Before using RALASTOCEM it is recommended to consult the product safety data sheet available on request

Technical Data

Liquid Fluid
Density (g/cm³)
Solid Residue
The data and statements in this information sheet refer to laboratory tests in our possession, conducted in standard environmental conditions. Practical applications on site according to these conditions of use may result in different data readings. Due to the wide variety of possible uses and applications, the end-users should independently determine the suitability of the material for their specific purpose prior to use. R.A. & SONS Manufacturing Ltd. reserves the right to make technical modifications of any kind without prior notice.

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