DAMP & MOLD Part 1

Summer has finally arrived and now is the perfect time to tackle all of those mold patches that appeared during winter and spring.

Damp and mold usually thrives in rooms with high humidity like kitchens and bathrooms or it can plague external facing walls. Most people’s solution to the problem is to kill the mold with household bleach and repaint. Unfortunately, all that happens is that the mold lies dormant for awhile and then comes back with a vengeance. Black mold is not just unsightly, it’s been proven to cause respiratory problems, allergies and many other serious medical conditions.

Here is Joe’s step by step guide to saying goodbye to mold and having a safer and cleaner home for you and your family

So, before you treat the problem area try and cure the issue at it’s source by reducing humidity levels. In bathrooms or kitchens, a simple cost effective solution is to fit an extractor fan. These low power devices use minimal electricity and remove the humid air to where it belongs, outside!

If it’s not possible to install an extractor fan then get into the habit of using a dehumidifier or opening windows to give good ventilation.

If external walls are the main cause of your damp or mold check to see if the stone or render is sealed properly.

Check your rendering on external walls

R.A & Sons Manufacturing Ltd ( ) have an array of products to use externally from breathable stone sealers to high performance paints and renders that are specially formulated to tackle damp areas.


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